The main purpose of ETOSZ is to provide modern and innovative technologies for the treatment of Hungarian patients supported by the below activities:

Support of the widespread availability and admission of innovative therapies, procedures and technologies

We wish that Hungarian patients can receive more of the modern diagnostic and therapeutic treatments many of which are available in the neighboring countries. If the technology facility of the Hungarian institutions falls behind that of the Visegrád Group (more information: http://www.visegradgroup.eu), Hungarian patients may be impaired and it would be more and more difficult to close up to the European treatment level.

Stabilization of  health care financing

Without the sustainability of the whole healthcare supply system, not only the development of treatments, but the maintenance of the current level is also endangered. In today’s financial environment all legal and operative resources that can be connected to the health care supply system is needed, and we wish to initiate solutions and submit our professional experience to the health and financial decision makers, so that these resources get available for the Hungarian health suppliers as soon as possible.

Shaping the ethical business and regulatory environment

The obvious vision of ETOSZ members is to shape a transparent and ethical business environment – where competition is about the quality and the standards of services. We would like to make the fulfillment of bilateral commitments, transparent expectations and the proper utilization of authority tools and methods to become basic values at the market.

Development of general opinion– domestication of the single approach of health industry

All healthcare systems that operate well and effectively have one thing in common: the individual participants of the compound system are managed as an integrated unified whole. We would like this approach – favorable from the aspect of patients’ health benefit, and from the aspect technological and financial sustainability as well – to help members of the Hungarian health sector cooperate effectively, with financially considering each other, for the sake of the best possible treatment of patients and even higher health awareness.