The decade-old problems and structural incompleteness of healthcare – in spite of some exemplary initiatives – resulted in such a Hungarian healthcare system in which participants reluctantly consider each other’s concepts, their understandable and acceptable aspects. But the delicate balance of a compound and sensitive system like the interdependent healthcare system – from policy decision makers, through healthcare providers and healthcare professionals, to the rest of the members of the comprehensive healthcare industry market – must not be broken in any direction.

ETOSZ aims to domesticate the progressive approach that the effective and sustainable operation of health industry is as essential as the management of the wage tensions, the continuous development of quality of treatment or the stabilization of the system of proprietors of healthcare providers.

Health industry – beyond contributing to the tax incomes, national labor capacity and optimization of social expenses of the country as a strategic sector of national economy – directly takes a significant part in maintaining the operability of the sector. This irreplaceable role can be kept only if the delicate balance of the sector is maintained and healthcare industry can operate in a sustainable authority and regulatory environment.